Smart fingerprint lock as the entrance of smart home may detonate a trillion market

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More and more people begin to pursue high-quality life. With the progress of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the smart home market is gradually mature, and people's home life is constantly evolving to intelligent.

Smart home may become the next trillion level consumer market

Smart home is a sunrise industry in the application of Internet of things. Under the background of favorable policies, progress of key technologies and continuous improvement of industrial system, smart home is in line with the frontier concepts of smart city, artificial intelligence and consumption upgrading, and has been highly concerned in the field of market and capital. Smart home products are also favored by consumers for their advantages of convenience, comfort, safety, energy saving and humanization.

智能指纹锁成智能家居入口 或将引爆万亿市场

China's smart home market size and growth in 2016-2020e

According to the data of iResearch Consulting Report 'Research Report on China's smart home industry in 2018', the scale of China's smart home market in 2017 was 325.47 billion yuan, of which smart home appliances accounted for 86.9%. It is estimated that the market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 21.4% in the next three years, and the market size will reach 581.93 billion yuan by 2020.

The development potential of smart home industry attracts a lot of capital to join in. Many brand manufacturers in the industry seize the opportunity of combining software and hardware to actively layout the home safety industry of Internet of things. Since 2014, Internet companies and home appliance enterprises have been making continuous actions. In the field of intelligent hardware, the number of financing events of smart home is in the forefront. Under the exploration of capital, smart home is a new business. The future of smart home market is in great demand.

Smart fingerprint lock will boost the smart home market to usher in a large-scale outbreak

So, when will the 'spring' of smart home come? As an entry-level product of smart home, smart fingerprint lock has the characteristics of rigid demand, high frequency and identification. It is an indispensable 'Facade' of smart home, and will become an important part in the future trillion market of smart home.

智能指纹锁成智能家居入口 或将引爆万亿市场

Smart fingerprint lock becomes the import product of smart home industry

Door lock is the most important device for home security. The technology revolution based on lock has developed from traditional mechanical lock to electronic intelligent lock. With the development and maturity of the related technology of intelligent fingerprint lock, intelligent fingerprint lock is gradually accepted by more families because of its irreplaceable, difficult to copy and easy to operate. It has remote unlocking, alarm, anti damage and other high security performance settings, from multiple angles to ensure the safety performance of the door lock, provide security management and emotional care.

智能指纹锁成智能家居入口 或将引爆万亿市场

Smart fingerprint lock

Intelligent fingerprint lock gets rid of the shackles and troubles of traditional keys, and adds a variety of high security unlocking methods. With the development of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of things technology, door locks are more intelligent and accurate in biometric identification, human-computer interaction, data statistics, analysis and data sharing. As the entrance of home life, intelligent fingerprint lock not only forms a systematic security system with security products, but also has extensive connection with other home products, such as indoor lighting system, indoor entertainment system, indoor air monitoring system, and indoor household appliances system. The function and application of intelligent fingerprint lock can access more home life scenes.

Benefiting from the booming smart home market, smart fingerprint lock is the first to be applied in high-end residential buildings and promoted in office buildings, banks and government agencies.

智能指纹锁成智能家居入口 或将引爆万亿市场

Application scenarios of intelligent fingerprint lock

The intelligent fingerprint lock market is just a blue ocean. The big industrial giants are rushing to the intelligent fingerprint lock industry. Internet entrepreneurs, traditional household appliances enterprises, traditional hardware enterprises and venture capital compete to intervene. Smart fingerprint lock manufacturer Ginaton seizes the opportunity of user demand and the outbreak of intelligent fingerprint lock, and cuts into the intelligent fingerprint lock Market from its own advantages.

In the field of smart home, smart fingerprint lock has high user viscosity, high frequency of use, and is the easiest to land, the most popular, and has a huge potential market. With the continuous improvement of the intelligent fingerprint lock industry chain, the industry is becoming more mature, and the consumer market is constantly educated, more and more families' potential demand for lock replacement will be stimulated. In the future, with the increasingly hot concept of smart home, smart fingerprint lock will be connected to more smart life scenarios, smart home will be gradually systematized, and the consumer market will continue to explode. With the entrance of intelligent fingerprint lock, the smart home market will usher in a large-scale outbreak!