Xinqihang "roadshow project of 2019 Bay area international science and Technology Innovation Summit"

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The 2019 Bay area international science and Technology Innovation Summit was successfully held on November 14, 2019. With the theme of 'gathering international science and technology sources and building an innovation ecology in the bay area', the summit helped Shenzhen enterprises introduce overseas advantageous technologies, expand international production capacity cooperation and open up a broader international market. The summit was hosted by Shenzhen Zijingang Capital Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen zhongxiaodan Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and SCI China Canada International Innovation Center. It is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang University, National University of Singapore, Shenzhen Xinhao investment development group and Shenzhen Overseas Chinese city capital investment management Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Shenzhen future innovation management Service Co., Ltd. The 2019 Bay area international science and Technology Innovation Summit promotes the investment and financing docking and cooperation between global excellent science and technology projects and Shenzhen Venture capital institutions, listed companies and other investment institutions. The scene gathered many industry magnates and outstanding entrepreneurs, presenting a perfect collision of ideas and wisdom.

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

▲Wonderful atlas 1

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

▲Wonderful atlas 2

Guest speech

Two industry leaders were invited to give keynote speeches at the summit, including:

Chairman of risc-v Foundation China Committee, former vice president of Intel, and director of Intel China Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech entitled 'thinking and opportunities for China's chip industry';

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

▲Dr. Fang Zhixi delivered a speech

Professor He sailing, director of the National Optical Instrument Engineering Research Center, one of the first Yangtze River distinguished professors of the Ministry of education, and a candidate of the national thousand talents program, Professor He sailing, from Zhejiang University, delivered a keynote speech entitled 'light perceiving the future'.

The speeches of the two professors introduced the Chinese chip industry and the application of optics in various fields in a brilliant and colorful way.

In addition, Mr. Miao Jianzhang, CEO of elephant sound, was invited to give a keynote speech on the road to entrepreneurship. Among the angel round projects invested by Zijingang capital, elephant sound is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant successful cases. Mr. Miao Jianzhang introduced elephant sound, a start-up company aiming to provide advanced solutions for speech enhancement and intelligent voice interaction by using deep learning technology.

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

Mr. Miao Jianzhang delivered a speech

Panel Discussion 

The summit held two round table forums. The theme of the first round table forum was 'innovation and transformation of hard science and technology source', which was presided over by Dr. Chen Jun of Zijingang capital, Mr. Xu Jinqiang, President of Zhejiang University holding group, Mr. Ma Wentao, deputy director of Industry Promotion Office of national University of Singapore, Mr. Shen Shaojun, general manager of Shenzhen Venture Capital government guidance fund management headquarters, and Zhejiang venture capital Mr. Hua Yeyu, chief executive officer, and Mr. Cai Tao, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Xiaodan group, participated in the discussion as guests.

A new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has bred the development of hard science and technology. New technologies, new inventions and new achievements in the field of hard science and technology have brought about significant adjustments to social productivity and production relations, have a profound impact on global industrial and economic development, and have a profound impact on human social progress.

The theme of the second round table forum is 'the way of chip development under the tide of artificial intelligence'. It was presided over by Mr. Zuo Yansheng, partner of Zijingang capital. Dr. Fang Zhixi, former president of Intel China Research Institute and chairman of risc-v Foundation's China Committee, Dr. Wang Yang, President of saibole investment group, Dr. Yu Haile, founder of Lianjie technology, and Mr. Song Jiajun, vice president of OCT capital, participated in the forum Discussion.

As the cornerstone of the development of artificial intelligence (AI) industry, AI chip has developed rapidly in recent years, and many enterprises have laid out.

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

▲Round table forum: the way of chip development under the tide of artificial intelligence

♦Project Roadshow♦

The special roadshow of the summit is divided into four parts: intelligent manufacturing, biomedical, future lifestyle and university innovation. The projects come from Zhejiang University, National University of Singapore, Southern University of science and technology, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known universities or scientific research institutions at home and abroad, as well as Zijingang capital, small and medium-sized venture capital, Xinhao investment, SCI China Canada International Innovation Center, etc Institutions.

Intelligent manufacturing

Core set sail

Shenzhen xinqihang Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is a private enterprise in China with IC design and sales as its operation direction and providing high-tech semiconductor products for the market. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of new biometric chips and providing customers with 'turn key' security solutions. The products are widely used in smart phones, personal computers and smart phones Mobile security payment and identity information authentication in home and other fields.

Mr. Yu Ze, general manager of xinqihang Technology Co., Ltd., as an entrepreneur representative of chip design and R & D industry in intelligent manufacturing sector, analyzed the current pattern and current situation of the smart chip industry, and solemnly introduced the new products with strong competitiveness, the leading technology of the fourth generation finger print recognition sensor and the cross-border 'black technology', which won the field investment community and domestic External professionals have been highly praised and praised!

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

▲Mr. Yu Ze, general manager of xinqihang

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!   

▲Mr. Yu Ze, general manager of xinqihang


Founded in 2016, cantwerp Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to the development of intelligent chip sensing system applied in the Internet of things, and providing real-time multi parameter intelligent fluid monitoring scheme for industrial manufacturers.

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

▲Mr. Wang Yulang, vice president of cantwerp

Deep vision intelligence

Shenzhen Shenshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is a national high-tech enterprise. It has mastered the core technologies of optical design, high-speed circuit design, algorithm research, FPGA processing and other fields of 3D vision, and has obtained 61 intellectual property rights, including 5 invention patents.

芯启航“2019湾区国际科技创新峰会路演项目”  圆满成功!

▲Mr. Tang Lei, vice president of Shenzhen intelligent

Biomedical sector

Participating in the roadshow are Gangzhu medical, stroke gait rehabilitation robot, quthero, synergy disc and haggard biology.

Future lifestyle

Participating in the roadshow are linhuiba, kelinsu environmental protection, Haode biology, Zhuxing sports technology, spectra plasma, and Haike biology.

University Innovation

Participating in the roadshow are Zhongke Xinyang, Chuangyi technology, breathonix, Xinxin optoelectronics and Metis.

Awarding ceremony of letter of appointment

The last item of the summit was the signing ceremony of entrepreneurial tutors. Dr. Chen Jun, director of Zijingang capital, and Mr. Dai Ying, President of Shenzhen future innovation management Service Co., Ltd., presented employment letters to entrepreneurial mentors. The entrepreneurial mentors are: Mr. Xu Jinqiang, President of Zhejiang University holding group; Mr. Zhao Wenyu, vice president of Innovation Research Institute of Zhejiang University; Mr. Zuo Yansheng, partner of Zijingang capital; Mr. Lu Zeyan, investment partner of Shenzhen kangchengheng Investment Co., Ltd.; Mr. Shou Peiping, President of Shenzhen Nanbei Shengying Industrial Development Co., Ltd.; and general manager of Shenzhen Demai Technology Co., Ltd Mr. Ye Xueqiang. Entrepreneurial mentors will give entrepreneurs more direction and strength to move forward.