Chengxin 408A
Chengxin 408A

Chengxin 408A is a high performance, ultra-low power consumption, high cost performance capacitive fingerprint image sensor chip. It is mainly used in the fields of e-card, smart card, smart payment, etc. The product application shape is mainly square and round. Support the application scenario of glass cover plate.

 Key features

1) Capacitive press fingerprint identification;

2) 256 * 360 pixels, 8 bit resolution;

3) 508dpi resolution rate, 3D image quality;

4) High speed SPI interface;

5) Ultra low power consumption;

6) Chip Automatic wake-up function, host manual wake-up function;

7) It supports black screen unlocking and 360 degree unlocking;

8) Power supply voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V;

9) IO voltage: 1.8 / 2.7V ~ 3.6V (3.3V for this module).


 Outline dimension drawing of module

CS4212 指纹识别芯片(新产品)


 Product type and application direction

Large area array glass cover plate scheme: intelligent lock, access control, electric motorcycle, bicycle, automobile, bank, customs, public security identification equipment;

Ultra thin ultra low power consumption solution: bank card, smart card;

Oncell solution: wearable device, electronic cigarette, intelligent lock;

Small array ultra-low cost solutions: laptop, tablet, smart seal, padlock, cabinet lock, etc;