Alipay participates in the development of ISO biometrics standard

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According to Alipay, biometric ISO international standard will be drawn up by Alipay.

Since April 2017, Alipay officially launched the ISO biometric identification standard research project. A few days ago, at the meeting of the international organization for Standardization (ISO) held in Norway, the international standard was led by Alipay, and the delegates from 23 countries including the United States, Britain, Japan and Japan voted for it.

The ISO / iec27553 security requirements for biometric authentication of mobile devices will become the first ISO international standard in the field of biometric based authentication. Representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea and Finland expressed their willingness to send experts to participate in the development of the standard.

Biometric sounds like a technical term far away from life, but in fact, with the development of new retail, biometric technology has begun to come into commercial use. Face brushing payment and hand sweeping payment are all biometric applications.

According to the data provided by Alipay, in September 2017, Alipay achieved the world's first brush payment business in Hangzhou KFC restaurant. In 2018, Tmall double 11 trading peak, biometric authentication completion payment accounted for 60.3%. Alipay's self-developed low-cost face painting equipment dragonfly has been used in many stores.

After the products go to sea and the technology goes out to sea, participating in the formulation of ISO is the output of standards. Besides China, other countries are also moving towards the cashless era, such as Indonesia, which is embracing QR code payment. Identity authentication based on biometrics has a larger scene in the world. Therefore, when people are particularly sensitive to data protection, the formulation of strict standards is particularly urgent. Both safety and convenience should be guaranteed.

The difficulty lies in the long industrial chain of biometric authentication for mobile devices, involving mobile terminal manufacturers, chip manufacturers, biometric software and hardware manufacturers, mobile application developers, system integrators, identity authentication service providers, detection and certification institutions, etc., especially in the unsupervised environment, there may be security vulnerabilities and risks, such as biometrics Information leakage.

Luo Hongwei, a senior standardization expert of ant financial services, believes that participation in international standard setting is also an integral part of China's scientific and technological competitiveness. On the one hand, it reduces the cost of going out to sea, and at the same time, it also means an increase in the right of technological discourse. He said that Alipay had been involved in the formulation of many international standards for ISO and ITU, and nearly 50 national standards.