Xinqihang appeared in the national locksmith "5.18" conference

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From May 17 to 18, the national locksmith '5.18' conference was held in Changsha Wanjiali international hotel. Xinqihang took part in the exhibition with 'fingerprint lock security algorithm chip + fingerprint sensor + fingerprint algorithm security solution'. Once it appeared, it became popular and consumers came to consult.


In this exhibition, xinqihang shows the security algorithm chip of fingerprint lock with different sizes, including lock scheme, padlock scheme, luggage scheme, safe scheme, etc.


Product advantages

Algorithm: independent high performance fingerprint recognition matching algorithm, ultra-low false recognition rate.

Security: using national security level security algorithm chip and encryption algorithm.

Fingerprint sensor: support different sizes and models, compatible with glass and coating scheme.

Single chip: secondary development package is provided to support integrated motor control, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and other main control MCU.

Original factory support: fast response, guaranteed supply and high cost performance.