21N1F-2 semiconductor integrated fingerprint module is mainly composed of our company's fingerprint sensor cs3211p (coating) fingerprint chip and fingerprint algorithm with independent intellectual property rights. Independent intellectual property technology can provide efficient and flexible secondary development support for customers, fully meet customer needs and have no intellectual property disputes.

With simple structure and modular design, the product has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and static electricity resistance, which improves the stability and consistency of the product. 21N1F-2 series semiconductor fingerprint module provides a general serial port which can be used for external control (upper computer). According to the communication protocol designed by the integrated program, the development interface is simple, which is convenient for the secondary development of industry users, reduces the difficulty of product development and shortens the period of product development.

 Product features
  • 3.3V supply voltage

  • 15kV ESD protection

  • Effective pixels 160 * 160

  • Touch wake up function

  • Capacitive fingerprint module

  • Special coating process can withstand millions of wear

  • With embedded led design


 Application area
  • Attendance management 

  • Access control

  • Smart home

  • Security field

  • Internet of things


 Product parameters

Basic performance

Denial rate(FRR)


False recognition rate(FAR)


Storage capacity


1: 100 unlocking time


Self learning function

Bring with you

Recognition angle

360 ° identification

Input times

Recommend 3 times or more

Image pixel


Resolving power


Surface scratch resistance


Window area of drawing


Electrical characteristics

Communication interface


Baud rate


Supply voltage


Communication level


Typical value of standby current


Working current



ESD level

Contact + / - 8Kv air + / - 15kV

Service life

>1 million times


Cement drop, 1M

Work environment



Relative humidity

20% ~ 85% RH (no frost)

Storage environment



Relative humidity

< 85% RH (no frost)