Fingerprint lock industry explodes black technology again! "Three dimensional integration"

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Fingerprint lock after a long period of bottleneck, the technological innovation of 'three-dimensional integration' visual fingerprint lock has exploded again.

At present, the market shipment of this kind of lock is not large, and it is in the testing stage of a new technology, and major brands have put into R & D and production. I believe it will become the mainstream product of fingerprint lock in the future.

What is 'three dimensional integration'

The 'three-dimensional integration' here does not refer to chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference. Please don't daydream from this angle. The image that you imagine, er......, may not conform to the aesthetic standards of human beings.

The 'three-dimensional integration' in 'three-dimensional integration' refers to the three dimensions of vision, touch and hearing. A new fingerprint lock is defined through human vision, touch and hearing. At the same time, the cloud platform, namely big data, is taken as the core to build a business ecosystem of video intelligent hardware, video cloud and intelligent technology to develop a new fingerprint lock.

In addition to the basic fingerprint, password, swipe card and mechanical key, the brand-new visual fingerprint lock adds functions such as remote viewing of camera, remote intercom and human body detection. Relying on cloud technology, the linkage between camera and lock is realized through algorithm encryption.


1、 Visual dimension

The biggest highlight of visual intelligent lock is that it integrates intelligent cat eye, intelligent camera and doorbell. In fact, there have been a lot of downstream channel operators in the market looking for this kind of door lock, which just can solve the hidden danger of cat's eye hole on the ordinary anti-theft door.


Camera and intelligent door lock linkage, from the visual for users to provide a more convenient and safe experience. When you are not at home, relatives and friends come to visit. You just need to ring the doorbell on the fingerprint lock, and the information will be sent to the mobile phone app through the network. You only need to open the mobile phone and view it. You can see all the objects outside your door, and then through the unlock button on the mobile app, you can realize remote unlocking.


2、 Tactile dimension

The core experience point of touch is the upgrading of fingerprint. The traditional fingerprint head does not have real live detection, but simply identifies the depth of image and gully.

The new technology is called hybrid biometrics. Its principle is to add a tiny red dot in the front of the fingerprint head. This red dot is a special LED light. The red light emitted by the lock can penetrate the dermis of human finger and then reflect back to the reader head of fingerprint head. The principle is similar to the principle of ultrasonic detection, and then the reflected information and fingerprint lock information are fused to determine whether it is a correct living fingerprint.


This recognition method, which combines fingerprint, skin, capillary and semiconductor characteristics and other biological information, is much safer and more precise than the traditional identification method.

Compared with the finger vein, its layout will be less limited, the cost will be more expensive than the traditional fingerprint lock, but it is much lower than the finger vein.

3、 Auditory dimension

In addition to remote video, the visual door lock can also realize remote intercom function. When someone rings the doorbell and the mobile app connection is started, the screen will pop up automatically. As long as the intercom function is turned on, remote communication with people outside the door can be realized.


When you are not at home and go out, you can have a simple communication with your friends or couriers through this function. With the use of home camera, the door lock can be opened remotely, and the courier can put the express to your designated location. Because all this behavior is under your surveillance.

4、 Human detection

In addition to these three revolutionary functional upgrades, there is a fourth function: human detection.

Use app to set the frequent stay of people outside the door, such as 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Once a suspect or object moves in the detectable range for more than the set time, the camera will automatically start the video recording function, save it to the cloud, and send an alarm signal to the app at the same time.


Human detection distance can be set through app, such as 1.5 m, 1 m, 0.5 m. For the safety of the door lock, it has been further improved.

However, after these functions are implemented, the power consumption of the product will be higher than that of ordinary products. The battery that can be used for one year may only be used for half a year.

In addition to the high power consumption, there are also the cost increase and the poor experience caused by the network delay.

However, for a booming industry, these problems should only be temporary. As time goes on, it should not be difficult to solve them.